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Dear “Goat” Supporters,

      Knew you would enjoy a brief update on what we did put in place so successfully in place in Nepal.  It is heartily continuing and expanding both in goats as well in the media there.  From what we put in place thru’ our contacts, a new road and a bridge are being built too which will allow for greater commerce of their agricultural surplus. I return in Feb. to proclaim the winners, one for best group success and another for the one woman who accomplished the most. Another ‘campaign’ is now is place. Anti litter!  For that person and village, yet anotheraward of cash will be granted from my personal purse. It is my hope to establish education for some females, but for that $50.00 a month is needed to support each female, with a commitment for at least a year.  Meantime a generous offer was accepted for my R/T ticket to Bangkok.  (The other partis yet to be managed for the short trip to Nepal)  So the next 2 villages will be hopefully chosen to GROW the project again, with enough support to do so.  Should you wish to again support this adventure, please let us know as gathering has begun. Also, if you wish to ask or implement about other programs, just let me know.  At this time we continue to reach out for grant writers and so on so as to keep all the money directed at herds of goats, improvement for women in education and health. Sincerely and thanking you again,

Rosalind Russell, Director R STAR MINISTRIES

“WOMEN HELPING WOMEN…therefore the world”