Connecting Children:                                                

Peace Flag Project

The newest thing the R Star Ministries has reached out to do is our program to connect children from this side of the world to Nepal since 2007 to the school we have recently built in Ojehtar in the Kavre District of Nepal for 200 children, and even the 400 adults desiring education.  (This is a developing area in an extremely impoverished district, stricken with warring factors for years.  It is an agricultural area about 2 plus hours by motorcycle from Kathmandu).  First a presentation is given to and with the children, generally the Laguna area, but hardly exclusive to it as we have children and adults participating from Pomona and Utah at this time. Following the presentations we make at the schools, the school children are invited along with their teachers to create Peace Flags as one of their projects to learn about the world and learn more about other children around their same ages.


The flags can be of any color, and the shapes do very from triangular, to square to long strips, (all the same size per line they hang on); all with lifting thoughts shared on them.  Sometimes the children add their name, their age, and even draw on them with designs of their own creation to tell a story they wish to share.  Some use Sharpe pens, some different paints.  They are all different and unique.  They are all beautiful.


The Peace Flags get transported to the school in Nepal to hang about the campus.  In time the children of our school, TOP OF THE WORLD SCHOOL – NEPAL will make and return flags for our children’s schools.  (We have a few flags from the Nepal school children, ((TOWN)); more will be forthcoming as supplies arrive for them to work with for sending).

The PURPOSE of this added reach in this organization is to get closer to peace in our world via the children as a start.  Teaching children about each other keeps them from wishing to harm others in their adulthood because of the understanding gained in their school years; a giant step to peace in the world. 


Additionally we will be connecting the children by email which will be governed at all times by the respective teachers on both sides of the planet for everyone’s guidance with the purpose of learning. This of course will not take place until electricity is fully in place as well as computers placed in the Ohejtar, TOWN school.  (Working lap top computers not more than 5 years old, very needed… with all parts like cords and batteries also working). 


Generally the curriculum will align with what is usual in Nepal. We are adding more time each day for teaching peace.   The school will have 10 minute classes each day on PEACE… so we are not light-weight with our desire to alter the world via the children by the teaching we offer in the matter of peace.  We will have other adds to the school for the benefit of the children from art to exercise as well as having pure water breaks daily.  (Pure, clean water is not common to the region, which adds to the health dilemma of the country… so we put in a well and monitor it for its purity).


Adults are also welcome to create peace flags and post them to the R Star Ministries, PO Box 4183, Laguna Beach, CA 92652-4183.  We prefer they are already strung, or a finished hem is sewed in to allow a cord to pass through.  We have additionally learned that the synthetic materials work best for weather in Nepal as well as using SMARTE pens for the drawing and writing.   This is a great activity for families to join in doing, churches and other religious organizations and clubs.  We welcome the flags you make with joy and understanding they will and do add to another of our goals in this organization.  


As already mentioned, we need working lap top computers, funds for purchasing materials for the project, participation; contacts for those schools with an interest to participate in such programs, and all other organizations. 

Thank you for your interest to help peace expand to become our world reality.


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