“In the Alchemy of collaboration becoming equal partners creating wholeness and sufficiency for everyone,  the R STAR MINISTRIES is dedicated in bridging the gaps that have left people, especially women and children, isolated and disempowered.  Through simple acts of connecting resources with people who need them most, we are changing the world one heart at a time, which will create world peace.”   


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Dear Members of the Directors and Advisory Boards,
This is an update to help you understand how we are growing and expanding.
Additionally, know we have a fundraiser coming the 17th of April right here in Laguna Beach, at the Congregational Church who is sponsoring the event.  Our local board members are encouraged to be present, of course.  Those of you in other States and Cities, just know what is going on so you can be pleased. 
Further, we have a fundraiser coming in May, the 6th, in Washington D.C. at Locals 16 Restaurant.  This is a combined fundraiser with 2 other charities of our world.  More will fly your way on this... and YOUR contacts are requested without question. 
Speaking of questions, let me know yours should you have any.
Thanks for being a part of our team to expand our efforts to better  women with empowerment and children; thus inviting peace to our world. 
And lastly, my fire of 13 months and a week ago did slow me, but not stop me.  Thus why you are getting so little information from me until now.
Bless you all enormously,


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"Dear Friends, past & current donors & recipients of gift certificates for goats or the school, If for any reason you can’t open this or upon opening can’t print it or don’t want to, e mail me and I will make the change to have it as you like. I will be blasting another of this same edition, but it will be open rather than an insert. Also, feel free to post this to only those who would be interested in knowing, perhaps participating; the same applies to making all the copies you like to share. Hopefully all is grand and well for you! Thanks for your interest in this work,".    

                     - Rosalind















































































































































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