To Join the Mission:

     Should you be moved to join with us by building a school for educating the children and adults, then just send your checks to our PO BOX 4183 Laguna Beach, CA 92652, and we will reply directly to you with the appropriate letter indicating your gift for the school project.  If you are moved to work with the ‘goat project’ where the villages are also directly impacted, please just let us know and we will direct the funds you generously send to us. If you are moved to send funds to assist the prison work we are doing, please know we will welcome your help. In fact, we welcome all forms of help as you choose to direct your gifts.

We are covering our administration in other ways so as not to dilute the gifts given to us to change our world, to make a difference, which means to you that 100% of your gifts get to the project directly.

 Should you find that you are interested in other ministries we offer, again, just indicate your interest and your donation will be correctly applied be it the Prison work we do, the Hospice work, (Purr Ministry), or Prayer group work.  We are here to serve and we are happy for your interest in our work.

 If you would like further information on anything we do, then please just write to us and we will see to your letter rapidly as we do care, and we are here to serve.

 Thank you for visiting the web and becoming familiar with our work internally as well as externally in Nepal.