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     Rosalind Russell was on a round the world trip for some 6 months to see things which inspired her, called to her at that time.  This included a stay in Nepal where she met Rabin. The project WOMEN HELPING WOMENtherefore the world! was borne from that long ago trip to Nepal, a happen chance in meeting the young boy Rabin, a 10 ½ years old while walking about a small Temple near Kathmandu. 

The small, thin young man appealed to her to allow him to show her around explaining what was what of his country and offer history without a ;charge; to her.  She said politely that she was not interested.  He could see her discomfort with the several other children around who were also attempting to sell her the idea of a guide and or begging in their scruffy clothing that cold afternoon. 

Rabin  insisted that with his sharing the beauty of his country, he could kindly persuade (the pesky ) other children to go away, as his real need was to practice English with a person rather than through books at school.  He pleaded his need well.

  Well with that she accepted his offer and they began their relationship which to this day continues, strengthened each year with the closeness they have created by traditional mail, then to e-mail and by phone calls from time to time, and her returning to Nepal in 2003 of December to reconnect in person bringing with her an unknown success to his country, but clearly with his help and efforts as things unfolded. 

  Originally Rosalind had agreed to go to Nepal in 2002, but with the uprising which had taken place there with the King and family murdered, the possible take over and unsteady government adding to the danger of her travel to the country; she cancelled that trip.  It was not a country of her hearts desire to return to, but the pull of the young man increasingly played upon her to the point of deciding her safety was not a concern of that much importance.  (It is through her faith that she was able to set aside the reality of existing dangers, so on that basis she did not fret in her decision regardless of the danger present, as she knew she would be fine and truly did wish to reconnect with Rabin, the enchanting child from so long ago).

  In the months prior to her making the 25 hour trip to Kathmandu, she decided she would take a gift to the family.  The gift decided upon was to present the family with 2 healthy female goats, pregnant if possible.  In her naivety she failed to understand that Rabin’s family was not in a village where livestock could live, but tin an actual city. 

  In her passion about what she was taking on with the trip, the reuniting with a young man who had since ‘adopted’ her as his second mom, she came to realize that the goats would hardly be appropriate, but did not abandon the idea as there was something about the ‘goats’ idea still brewing in her mind.  Meantime she had shared with friends what she

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