R Star Ministries

Peace Poems

It starts with Me

Being at home when we are all alone

Peace in my home

It must start there

If not starting there or within

Then where?

I will be the first maker of peace

It is then together we will create

Love and a world feast

Gail Thomas


Peacemaker, peacemaker, peacemaker me-

I built a school to teach about trees and peace.

To teach peace- I must live peace

As that is in me.

Rev Rosalind Russell


If we had peace we could abondon fear

It would leave room for more joy and happiness and more friendships. It would make our world a better place

Marilyn Longo

In your face

Is my face

And even if I don’t speak with words

I speak silently with my heart

With my beingness

Remembering that all life is one life

And that life is sacred


I am peaceful

I am harmony

I hate disunity

Because that’s me

Mary Guergureian

I am a Peace Maker

Spending time with the future

Teaching, sharing, loving

Bring peace each day

To those I teach



I share my smile to all I pass by

It is a good feeling when a smile comes back

I feel my smile can give a lift

To someone who ma y have had some misgiving and a smile can bring a moment of peace within their heart

That one moment can lead to an eternity

Linda Cook

Peace exist

in my world

in my heart

it is my blessing

to always see it and know I am

that peace that I seek

Sande Hart