The R Star Ministry's PURR Ministry


This is a unique ministry for shut-ins, those in hospice, and patients in hospital’s where animal visits are permitted and convalescent homes which permit animal visits.


STAR KITTY & SIMBA STAR are the cats that go and sit with people and allow them to be petted  without much concern or upset  to the cats.  The purpose is to bring some joy to another’s life.  Naturally Star Kitty & Simba Star are assisted by her handler Rosalind Russell, who drives one of them where s/he is invited and gives her/him treats after her/him’s work is complete.  Star Kitty & Simba Star is/are always extra happy when s/he returns to her/his home in Laguna Beach after visiting rounds are completed.  S/he knows s/he has done something great.


It is well documented that animals do calm people tremendously, so much so that high blood pressure patients and other heart condition patients are told the benefits of having animals in their lives. 


More and more convalescent homes provide a few animals as “staff” for those people living with them.  Animals bring joy; joy brings healing.


The photo is from 9/2005 from the Pet Parade & Chili Cook Off.  Star Kitty is surrounded with dogs and just keeps her eyes on them without a great deal of upset. In ’06 she did win for her costume, a Hawaiian theme.  For two years in a row, she has been the only cat representing felines.


Star Kitty makes appointments to visit with people who request her for petting.  In the past, Star Kitty has served those at South Coast Medical Hospital and made innumerable visits to shut-ins.

S/he can be reached at: 949/497-2545