Note that all items must be in “great working order”. Old equipment

is fine as long as instructions and all necessary cords and hook-up

wires are included.

• Video cameras with batteries for filming in each of the villages for documentation

of everything, the land, children, women, goats. (Smaller is better)

• Laptop computers under 5 years old. Compatible printers and such would be lovely too,

smaller again being best.

• 35mm cameras with batteries, instructions, etc.

• Digital cameras with batteries, instructions, etc.

• Cell phones (your retired ones) that take a SIMS card and include chargers130,000

mileage points to get me to and from Nepal next year.

• 35,000 mileage points for other trips in the United States for presenting our work to

probable donors. (Currently the points for any given trip have to come from a single

source since the airlines do not allow the combining of points from different sources for

the trips of individuals or foundations not on their ‘list’ and we are not on any “list”).

• SHIPPING CONNECTIONS both for large items to be shipped in containers, as well as

for smaller items that can be sent by FEDEX or UPS

• Printing costs covered

• Stamps

• MEDIA CONTACTS (newspapers, magazines, cable TV, regular TV) to assist in

presenting our work, keeping it out there to share.

• Groups/Club connections and/or individuals to present and promote our projects. We

have a Power Point presentation as well as a 9-minute DVD, poster size photos which

can be presented in either 20 minutes or whatever to one hour.please consider what you can do to help yet another charity. There is much to do in the world today, and we can do a great deal to

help in many ways with many great projects. This may be just one project, but it is a vital one

to those we help!

“We all make a difference”

Rosalind Russell, Director

P.O. Box 4183 • Laguna Beach, CA 92652

949.497.2545 P • 949.497.4971 F

[email protected]